What they are saying about CVF

  • Our campaign is on track to win in November, and your donation will help us continue building momentum. ... Your generosity will help us communicate our winning message of smaller, more efficient government and a stronger America for our children and grandchildren. ... I am deeply grateful for your encouragement and support.

    U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, AR
  • Conservative Victory Fund is one of the best organizations for helping get conservatives elected and squeezing the most out of every nickel and every dollar. I know from personal experience because CVF and its hardworking staff helped me win my Senate election in 2004.

    U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, OK
  • Your CVF has been invaluable to my own campaigns.

    Your CVF is experienced at assisting conservative candidates win elections. They are the most effective weapon that we as conservatives have in our arsenal right now.
    U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, OK
  • ...thank you for investing in me to help get our country back on track. I look forward to continuing our work together in the U.S. Senate.

    U.S. Senator James Lankford, OK
  • During my tough, six-way primary race -- and later during a three-way general election -- your Conservative Victory Fund provided advice, fundraising expertise and, yes, financial support when it was most needed. I knew that I could call on CVF whenever I needed help or advice. Because of your support of CVF, I received that help. Your CVF is not glitzy or high profile. They plain and simple know how to get the job done through hard work, honesty -- and with supporters like you behind them.

    Then-Congressman Mike Pence, IN-6
  • The Conservative Victory Fund (CVF) is based on a political truism: If conservatives don't get elected, then conservatism won't prosper. And if conservatism doesn't prosper, then liberalism prevails. To make sure that doesn't happen, CVF has been giving conservative challengers for House and Senate seats and conservative incumbents the financial means and issue resources to run successful campaigns ever since its founding in 1969 by the late John Ashbrook (R-Ohio).

    As the nation's oldest conservative political action committee, CVF has been part of thousands of election and reelection efforts, many of which were pivotal in defeating the left.

    Aside from providing candidates with financial assistance, the organization also offers campaign and media consulting.

    John Ashbrook always understood that it is harder for challengers to raise money than it is for incumbents, and getting involved in primaries has long been an important facet of CVF's work, unlike many other PAC's, which give so much of their assistance to incumbents.

    True to John Ashbrook's promise that ‘CVF helps only conservatives,' CVF looks for candidates with a strong conservative record and who advocate specific issues. Almost alone among PAC's, before an upstart can get the backing of CVF, he or she must complete a comprehensive campaign information sheet and a candidate questionnaire.

    Of course, the ultimate goal of CVF is to put conservatives in Congress. In today's political world, winning requires hefty financial backing, media savvy and a sharp focus on the important issues of the day. As electoral politics have become more complex CVF has kept pace, giving conservatives - and only conservatives - the help needed to put their principles to work on Capitol Hill.
    Human Events, The National Conservative Weekly
  • The voters of northern Minnesota entrusted me with the responsibility of representing them in Washington DC. This victory was possible with your encouragement and generous support.

    Congressman Pete Stauber, MN-8
  • Thank you for your generous contribution to my campaign. I am humbled to serve you in Congress and honored to serve South Carolina. I appreciate your Longtime Championing of limited government!

    Congressman Joe Wilson, SC-02
  • Thanks to your donation I won my re-election campaign. It was the hardest campaign I've had since I got elected because my opponent spent \$2 million trying to defeat me. But with your help, we prevailed with the highest number of votes I have ever received in an "off-year" election --and won by a 22+% margin -- fooling all the media pundits who had declared this race as one that was going to be more competitive. But I work hard for my district, and my voters knew that.

    Whether it's building an environment for even more job creation and long-term economic growth, reducing our deficit, or fighting not to raise taxes, I will always remain honored and humbled to serve our country and my district in Washington.

    I ran for Congress because I want to make sure the next generation has the same opportunities my parents and my country afforded me.

    Congressman Andy Harris, M.D, MD-1
  • Thank you so much for your contribution, your encouragement, and your prayers. I could not have done this without you.

    Congressman Alex X. Mooney, WV-2
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