About CVF

Conservative Victory Fund (CVF) was founded 50 years ago by the late conservative leader, Congressman John Ashbrook. CVF works to elect a conservative majority to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Before Conservative Victory Fund supports a candidate challenging an incumbent or running for an open seat, we research the race including the candidates who are running.

Conservative Victory Fund does get involved in primaries where we support the conservative candidate over moderates or liberals. Once a candidate is elected we keep track of what he or she does in Congress and maintain a relationship with the Congressman or Senator to help ensure that he or she remains a conservative.

We only provide financial assistance to incumbents who are conservative and can be shown to be so by their votes in Congress. We also try to help conservative incumbents with donations who are being targeted by the liberals.

In addition to providing direct financial assistance, CVF also provides in-kind assistance that results in multiplying our direct financial help. Additionally, we provide consulting and other help to numerous conservative campaigns. CVF is the nation's longest operating conservative PAC.

To do that CVF needs your support. Please contribute to Conservative Victory Fund today.

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