CVF-backed Alex Mooney wins Primary in WV-2

Last night, Alex Mooney won a hotly contested primary with 36% of the vote. Mooney will now take on liberal Democrat Nick Casey. Casey is a liberal lobbyist who not only supports Obamacare, but thinks he and his liberal allies should intrude even further into your life by nationalizing the whole healthcare system.

There is a lot at stake in this election and CVF is proud to support solid conservatives like Alex Mooney.

Posted May 28, 2014

Obama: Taking America Backwards

China's Economy Surpassing U.S. Economy

President Obama campaigned that he going to fundamentally transform America but never said what that transformation would be. If making the economy weaker is transforming the country, then Obama has certainly succeeded.

Since 1872, when the United States' economy became larger than the United Kingdom's, the United States has had the strongest and largest economy in the world. Throughout that 142 year history we've dealt with monopolies, the Great Depression, multiple recessions, up until the latest "great recession." We've always come back roaring even stronger than before and our economy has always led the world.

Not only did our economy slow to 0.1% GDP growth in the first quarter this year and is projected to have anemic growth throughout the rest of this year, but now a report by the International Comparison Program, say that by the end of this year China, not the United States, will have the largest economy in the world. Obama has managed to take us back to the 1870s.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration keeps learning the wrong lessons. If more regulation and more government control hurt job creation and economic growth, the Obama answer is to add more control and more regulations. While the Obama Administration doesn't want to wage war abroad, it seems very willing to wage war on the American economy. Unfortunately, its economic policy at home is no more successful than its foreign policy abroad.

Posted May 14, 2014

With Congressman Trey Gowdy Running Benghazi Investigation, the Truth Will Finally Come Out

The cover up on Benghazi continues. The recent Obama Administration release of more emails (after being forced by a lawsuit by Judicial Watch) finally convince Speaker Boehner to form a select committee to investigate the whole Benghazi horror that resulted in four dead Americans including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

Trey Gowdy's appointment as Chairman of this new select committee is good news for those seeking the truth and justice for the victims and their families. Gowdy served as a prosecutor for 16 years before being elected to Congress, including six years as a U.S. Attorney prosecuting ever crime from narcotics trafficking rings to child pornography. Gowdy knew how to get to the truth and how to dig out information.

Conservative Victory Fund is proud to have supported Trey Gowdy in the past and salutes Speaker John Boehner for appointing Gowdy Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi.

Posted May 14, 2014

Gowdy Shames Mainstream Media in Just 3 Minutes

Congressman Trey Gowdy put the mainstream media to task in getting to the truth of Benghazi. This is the type of leadership and oversight that a conservative Congress will provide in Obama's last 2 years. Support Congressman Gowdy and the other conservatives in the House by sending them a conservative majority in the Senate.

Gowdy's conclusion said it best:

"In conclusion, Congress is supposed to provide oversight, the voters are supposed to provide oversight and you are supposed to provide oversight. That's why you have special liberties and that's why you have special protections. I am not surprised that the President of the United States call this a phony scandal. I am not surprised that Secretary Clinton asked what difference does it make. I'm not even surprised that Jay Carney said that Benghazi happened a long time ago. I'm just surprised at how many people bought it."

Posted May 14, 2014
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