Tax, Tax, and then Tax Some More: Obama's Continuing Goal

President Obama finally released his FY 2014 budget more than 2 months late -- breaking yet again the budget law. And almost $1 trillion in new tax increases. That's on top of the $618 billion in the "fiscal cliff" deal.

Part of what he is proposing:

- Limiting deductions for such things as mortgage interest and charitable giving to 28%
-Proposing many more government controls on IRAs and 401(k)s -- hurting those who have scrimped and saved to have a better retirement
-Increasing the death tax from 40% to 45% -- even though putting it at 40% was a compromise
-Increase the tobacco tax by almost 100%
-Almost $100 billion in new taxes on middle class investments and savings

This budget completely violates his campaign pledge to not increase taxes on individuals making less than $200,000 a year. Bigger government, more spending, more deficits, more taxes -- that is President Obama's plan for the U.S.A.

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Posted April 23, 2013

Obama's Unprecedented Attempts to Expand Federal Power

Sen. Cruz Releases Inaugural Report on Obama Administration's Unprecedented Attempts to Expand Federal Power

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) today released a report - "The Legal Limit: The Obama Administration's Attempts to Expand Federal Power" - that analyzes six instances in the last 15 months where the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously rejected the Obama Administration's arguments for increased federal power.

"When President Obama's own Supreme Court nominees join their colleagues in unanimously rejecting his Administration's call for broader federal power six times in just over one year, the inescapable conclusion is that the Obama Administration's view of federal power knows virtually no bounds," said Sen. Cruz. "This is a deeply troubling pattern that we will continue to highlight as long as this Administration continues seeking ways to expand its power in direct violation of Americans' constitutional rights."

Sen. Cruz's report highlights the six cases that the Supreme Court has unanimously rejected since January 2012. Had President Obama's Department of Justice been successful in its cases, the federal government would have the power to:

  • Attach GPSs to a citizen's vehicle to monitor his movements, without having any cause to believe that a person has committed a crime (United States v. Jones);
  • Deprive landowners of the right to challenge potential government fines as high as $75,000 per day and take away their ability have a hearing to challenge those fines (Sackett v. EPA);
  • Interfere with a church's selection of its own ministers. (Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School v. EEOC);
  • Override state law whenever the President desires. (Arizona v. United States);
  • Dramatically extend statutes of limitations to impose penalties for acts committed decades ago. (Gabelli v. SEC); and
  • Destroy private property without paying just compensation. (Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States).

The arguments advanced in these cases demonstrate an astonishing view of federal power on behalf of the Obama Administration that is worthy of further examination. View the full report below:

Read the full press release here

Posted April 09, 2013

Are Senate Dems Up in 2014 Flipping and Flopping Just to Save Their Hides?

Up for reelection in 2014, Senators Baucus, Begich, Pryor, and Hgan, are trying to find a more conservative tone -- never mind all their liberal votes. But when you look at their conservative ratings in the 2nd session of the last Congress, the numbers tell a different story -- Baucus 9%, Begich 6%, Hagan 4%, and Pryor 14%. When you consider that the entire Senate is rated 38% conservative, the rating of these four senators isn't very conservative at all.

In 2012, Obama lost the states that each one of these senators represent by an average of 13%. North Carolina, represented by Hagan, was the closest as it was only carried by Mitt Romney by 2.2%.

For example on the Democrats' big spending and more taxes budget proposal, not one of this Gang of Four -- Baucus, Begich, Hagan, and Pryor -- voted for it.

It's the same old story for these kind of Democrats -- speak conservative at home but vote liberal in Wasihngton, DC -- except when you're up soon for reelection.

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Posted April 02, 2013
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