Congressmen Keller and Cloud Thank CVF for Our Support

Congressman Fred Keller won this year's special election to represent the Twelfth Congressional District of Pennsylvania. He recently wrote to Conservative Victory Fund:

"During the course of our abbreviated, yet intense, campaign, you were there every step of the way for me. When I asked for your financial support, you gave willingly and generously. Your support and financial resources enabled us to defeat the opposition and win by as wide a margin as the President did in 2016. Thanks to you, our fundraising enabled us to mount such a successful campaign that we gained recognition of the National Republican Campaign Committee. That is no small feat!"

CVF has been supporting Congressman Michael Cloud (TX-27). His thanks included the following:

"Your financial gift allows me to serve our nation working on the issues important to our district and future of our nation - border security, fiscal responsibility, and bringing common sense solutions to a broken Washington."

"When we, as citizens, each do our part, we ensure that our republic will remain strong for future generations of Americans. This is a team effort and I am so thankful to have you on Team Cloud."

Posted September 06, 2019
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