Republican Study Committee Budget

Rep. Kevin Hern Budget & Spending Task Force

Our goal: Prevent a debt crisis, ensure survival of critical entitlement programs, fulfill Constitutional obligation to defend the country.

Joe Biden's lack of leadership has driven our country to the worst inflation in 40 years and the highest gas prices in history. With no budget and no accountability for their spending, Democrats in Congress are spending taxpayer dollars as fast as they can. Americans are looking to Republicans for fiscal responsibility and accountability.

The Republican Study Committee budget provides that and more. We have heard the demands of the American people and will use our Majority to implement common-sense, conservative policies to save America from a debt disaster. THE RSC SOLUTION: Common-sense reforms to reduce spending & the associated inflation.

Fund our military so they can combat the rising threat of China. Biden's military spending isn't keeping up with inflation, we're giving the military a 5% real increase.

Protect our border with a fully funded border wall. Reinstate the effective Remain in Mexico Policy and closing asylum loopholes.

Over 30 deregulatory actions and numerous proposals to oppose Biden's radical expansion of the federal government. Protect the conservative values that built our country. 23 pro-life member initiatives included - the most pro-life budget ever introduced. Protect children from Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology - the first budget ever to prevent taxpayer dollars from going to CRT in our schools. Ensure religious liberty and First Amendment rights.

Protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Replicate the successful work requirements of the 90s across all welfare programs. Create opportunities for workers by ending welfare cliffs and marriage penalties that discourage work and stable families. End for good the Democrat policy to pay Americans to stay home.

Make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, putting money back in the hands of American workers. Incentivize companies to keep jobs in America. With no action, Medicare will be bankrupt by 2028 & Social Security by 2034. Allow Medicare to compete with private plans, dropping premiums by 7%. Implement common-sense measures to ensure solvency for Social Security long-term with a gradual increase of the retirement age and a reduction of benefits for high-income earners.

Posted June 15, 2022
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