President Biden Incredibly Plans To Remove A Critical Border Control Tool During A Record-Breaking Wave Of Illegal Immigration

The Biden Administration Reportedly Plans To End Its Use Of Title 42 Authority On The Southern U.S. Border Amidst A Surge Of Illegal Border Crossings, With Border Officials Fearful That As A Result, They 'Will Quickly Be Overwhelmed By Migrants, Leading To Dangerous Overcrowding In Border Facilities And Releases Of People Into The U.S. Who Would Normally Be Jailed Or Deported'

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY): "The Biden Administration is on track for another record-shattering year on our southern border - in all the wrong ways. The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly preparing for up to 18,000 attempted border crossings per day. President Biden's border crisis is a symptom of the modern Democratic Party's inability to support any remotely reasonable policy of border enforcement. Now, thus far, the Biden Administration has kept the chaos somewhat in check by leaning on emergency authorities that are specific to the COVID pandemic. To be clear, even with these Title 42 authorities in place, our border's still been in crisis. Last month was the worst February in more than 20 years. We just saw the worst 12-month period for illegal crossings since at least 1960. This is with Title 42 in place. Just imagine if President Biden kills it. But the open-borders far left doesn't like Title 42. So now, according to public reports, the Biden Administration is preparing to cave to the radicals, end Title 42, and effectively throw our borders wide open. Ending Title 42 without any real border security plan in place would spark a humanitarian and security crisis like we've never seen&. Throwing the floodgates open for an historic spring and summer of illegal immigration would be an unforced error of historic proportions. It would be right up there with this Administration's $2 trillion in inflationary spending and their botched retreat from Afghanistan." (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 3/31/2022)

Posted April 01, 2022
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