Major Points From the White House: President Trump's Executive Order on Economic Mobility (Welfare Reform)

  • The order provides nine "Principles of Economic Mobility," which will guide agencies that administer public assistance programs to effectively reform the welfare system by directing that they:
    • improve employment outcomes and economic independence;
    • promote marriage and family as a way of escaping poverty;
    • address the challenges of hard-to-employ populations;
    • provide more flexibility to States, while ensuring accountability for achieving outcomes;
    • streamline services to more effectively use taxpayer resources;
    • reserve benefits for those truly in need;
    • consolidate duplicative programs;
    • facilitate greater sharing of information between States and localities; and
    • empower the private sector to find solutions to poverty.
  • The order focuses on increasing opportunities for those in need by:
    • strengthening current work requirements;
    • empowering States, localities, tribal governments, and private-sector entities to serve individuals and families in need; and
    • using taxpayer dollars for their intended purpose, which includes ensuring only eligible persons receive benefits.
  • The order directs Federal agencies that administer public assistance programs to:
    • review all regulations and guidance documents relating to work;
    • ensure such regulations and documents are consistent with the principles for reform;
    • send a report to the President on what they can do to get Americans back to work; and
    • take steps to implement such recommendations.
Posted April 17, 2018
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