Obama Wish List - American Nightmare, His 2015 Budget

Obama's wish list contains more government spending and less accountability. Obama's new budget is a staggering $3.9 trillion, almost $1 trillion more than when he first took office. This budget is $60 billion more than what both the Republicans and Democrats had agreed to. Money that he says he'll invest in America's future. It is always easy to "invest" someone else's money if you're a liberal. In no way is his budget a governing document, rather it is only meant to pick an election year fight with Republicans. He claims that this budget is about his values, fallaciously continuing the very false argument that Republicans only care about wealthy special interests while his Party fights for the poor.

While all signs point to the contrary, this White House is optimistic that the economy has finally turned the corner. If it has, then it is in spite of Obama's efforts. President Obama says that he wants to fight poverty. If this President truly cared about fighting poverty, then he would get the government out of their way. Numerous studies have shown that in many cases, generation after generation of families live on the government dole and never climb their way out of poverty. New policies are needed, not the old failed leftist ones. If helping people get out of poverty is what liberals truly cared about, then they would promote more freedom¬ less.

With this budget, Obama wants the voter to ignore the failure of his signature "achievement," Obamacare, and believe that more government spending paid for by the "evil" rich will actually help them. As President Ronald Reagan would say, "Government is not a solution to our problem government is the problem."

Posted March 04, 2014
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