Obama Packing the Court: Senate 2014 Elections Vital

The Senate cannot allow Obama to pack the D.C. circuit with far left zealots who will become rubber stamps for his agenda. The United States Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit, which is made up of 11 members, is often considered the 2nd most important court in the country (right after the Supreme Court).

Since Obama's been in office this court has shown its muscle by:
- Invalidating his illegal appointments to the National Labor Relations Board
- Restricting the expanding of E.P.A.'s regulatory authority
- Blocking part of Obama's push to over regulate our financial institutions.

This court includes 4 conservative judges as far back as President George H.W. Bush. Previous Democrat Presidents have nominated three judges. Obama has already nominated and had approved by the Senate one liberal nominee. He is planning to nominate 3 more -- swinging the court far to the left.

This is why conservative Senators are so important. And why we need to elect more in next year's election. But we can't wait until then. The foundations have to be laid now. Please help now.

Posted May 28, 2013
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