Walker Eviscerates Opponent: Lessons for November

The liberal left Democrats are already spinning the huge victory by Governor Scott Walker as not meaning very much. They ignore that Governor Walker built on his close 2010 victory to win this time with almost a 7% spread between him and his Democrat opponent.

Perhaps the Democrats and the lame stream media's views are best summed up in a Washington Post headline. "Gov. Walker survives recall in Wisconsin." It was quite a bit more than survival. It was a large victory for Governor Walker and his policies.

What does it mean? If a conservative Scott Walker can beat the liberal Democrats in Wisconsin, there just may be hope for conservative Republicans and for Mitt Romany in numerous other states this coming November. Walker defended his policies and talked about the future. The unions and his opponent ran a reactionary campaign that really revolved around getting millions in union dues back.

Wisconsin shows that conservatives who lay out their policies for the future and stick to their message can win. Let's take those lessons on to November.

Posted June 06, 2012
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