House Votes to Protect Internet Freedom

The House votes to lead the world while Obama continues to follow it. With the Obama Administration planning to give away authority over domain names, there is the real possibility that unfriendly governments could increase their control of the Internet. The House acted now it is up to the Senate.

On Thursday last week, the House passed Rep. John Shimkus' (R-IL) amendment to the National Defense Authorization bill that would protect Internet freedom and the critical oversight role the United States enjoys.

As noted by the Committee on Energy and Commerce:

"Today the U.S. Congress signaled that we will do all we can to ensure the Internet continues to serve as the greatest engine of economic activity, job creation, and social discourse the world has ever seen. Nations like Russia, China, and Iran would like nothing more than to wrest control of the Internet," said full committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI). "Including the DOTCOM Act in this must-pass legislation is the right decision as we continue pushing for the administration to hit the pause button and allow for independent review before it makes any move to relinquish NTIA's oversight role of critical Internet functions."

"For over two decades, U.S. oversight of the Internet's domain name system has kept the global Internet free and open. Though dismissed by NTIA as merely a 'clerical' role of assigning and matching domain names with IP addresses, U.S. stewardship of these basic functions has prevented authoritarian governments from censoring content or restricting access to websites beyond their own borders," added Shimkus. "While the administration says it won't accept a proposal that puts the Internet in the hands of another government or government-led entity, there's no guarantee that won't happen after the initial transfer takes place. But one thing is for sure: once our authority is gone, it's gone for good."


Is the Obama's April 17, 2014 claim of 8 million Obamacare enrollees true or false? Past evidence suggests it might be false.

Back in October: On October 1, over 43,000 accounts created, 1 enrollee. By the end of October 1.3 million accounts created, only 30,512 enrollees. (This information comes from Judicial Watch's FOIA request that finally resulted in the Obama Administration releasing real number information.)
So is the 8 million plus being claimed by the Obama Administration a real number or not? Who knows?

New Strong Conservatives Elected To U.S. House Of Representatives

Your Help Made it Possible

The new Congress will see almost three dozen new Republican Members of Congress. Of these, many are future conservative leaders. They include:

  • Tom Cotton (AR-04) is a principled conservative who graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He left his law practice to volunteer for the Army and declined a JAG offer to be an infantryman. In 2006, he was platoon leader in Iraq with the 101st Airborne. In 2008, he volunteered to go to Afghanistan. Your CVF endorsed him in the primary and helped him to win election. He will be a conservative leader and spokesman in Congress.
  • Matt Salmon (AZ-05) is once again going to be an outstanding representative for Arizona and the nation. Matt is a conservative leader who does what he says he will do. Having served in Congress before, Matt will hit the ground running.
  • Ron DeSantis (FL-06) is another solid conservative that Conservative Victory Fund endorsed in the primary. He is a graduate of Yale and a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School. To help put himself through college, he worked at many jobs including sweeping floors, parking cars, working as an electrician's assistant and more. He is also a veteran of Iraq. He has served as federal prosecutor and a military prosecutor. He is a strong defender of the Constitution and wrote a book Dreams From Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama.
  • Jackie Walorski (IN-02) started her career as a television reporter. As a member of the Indiana legislature, she fought for lower taxes and cutting spending. Jackie has a record of standing up for conservatism while a member of the Indiana State Legislature. She will do the same in the U.S. House.
  • Kerry Bentivolio (MI-11) was not supposed to win. Establishment Republicans first tired to defeat him with a write-in candidate. But it didn't work. He is a small government conservative who understands that centralizing power reduces liberty. He and his wife have lived on the same farm since 1982. He is an educator, a veteran who served in Vietnam and Iraq, and an educator. His favorite leader is still Ronald Reagan.
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