Conservative Leaders Support Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

A group of more than 100 conservative leaders including Ron Pearson of Conservative Victory Fund signed a memo in support of the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court. The text follows:

July 18, 2018
Washington, DC

We strongly endorse the nomination of the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States and urge the Senate to confirm him with haste.

Conservatives believe the United States Constitution is the ultimate authority for the interpretation of American law. Conservatives therefore enthusiastically agreed with the commitment by candidate Trump, and now-President Trump, that appointees to the Supreme Court of the United States should be committed to applying the Constitution to cases that come before the Court.

By nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, President Trump chose a candidate whose attributes have been described as "very much in the mold of Justice Scalia," who was committed to applying and interpreting the Constitution as written.

Throughout his career on the bench, Judge Kavanaugh's opinions have reflected thoughtful, precise and clear language in support of the original intent of the Constitution, the separation of powers, federalism, religious freedom, political speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, and constitutional limitations on the expansion of the administrative state.

Judge Kavanaugh clearly set forth his judicial philosophy when he wrote, "The judge's job is to interpret the law, not to make the law or make policy. So read the words of the statute as written. Read the text of the Constitution as written, mindful of history and tradition. Don't make up new constitutional rights that are not in the text of the Constitution. Don't shy away from enforcing constitutional rights that are in the text of the Constitution."

Judge Kavanaugh's credentials are impeccable and rival those of sitting justices - a degree from Yale Law School; clerkships with three federal judges; twelve years as a sitting Federal Court of Appeals Judge, and time spent in other significant roles of public service. He is certainly qualified.

The United States Senate should carry out its Constitutional role in a timely manner. President Trump's nominee merits the timely advice and consent of the Senate so that the Supreme Court will have a full complement of nine sitting justices when the next term of the Court begins on October 1, 2018.

Posted August 07, 2018
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