Conservative Leaders in U.S. House Blast Biden for Record High Gas Prices

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), House Energy Action Team (HEAT) Co-Chairs Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), and Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) issued the following statement after the national average gas price hit an all-time high of $4.173 per gallon.

"President Biden's anti-American energy policies have now caused American families to pay more for gas than at any other time in U.S. history. The week Biden was inaugurated, the average price for a gallon of gas was $2.39. Today, that same gallon of gas will cost you $4.17 - a 74% increase. Don't let Washington Democrats try to fool you: The Biden Administration ceded American energy independence to foreign enemies like Russia, causing gas prices to skyrocket for all Americans, and helping finance Vladimir Putin's barbaric invasion of Ukraine.

"President Biden must immediately reverse his war on American energy and make our country energy secure again. Last week, House Republican Leadership and HEAT members sent a letter to President Biden laying out specific actions he can take immediately to reverse Russia's leverage on Europe and the United States. These actions will send American energy producers a clear signal of certainty that now is the time to increase domestic energy production. With the right leadership, we can lower energy prices for American families, while replacing U.S. imports of Russian petroleum products with our own resources, and provide our allies with the alternatives they need to also break free from Russian oil."

Posted March 09, 2022
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