U.S. Senator Tom Cotton: An American Hero

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton's letter (signed by 46 other U.S. Senators) to Iran's leaders shows the Senator's courage and leadership. He is not afraid to stand up for America's interests and he doesn't back down when he has truth on his side.

Conservative Victory Fund endorsed and helped Tom Cotton in the primary when he first ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. CVF also endorsed and helped Tom Cotton when he ran for the U.S. Senate. The reasons are simple: he is and will be even more of a conservative leader who has the courage of his convictions.

When CVF endorsed Cotton in the primary for the U.S. House, we noted "Tom Cotton is a decorated combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, having earned a Bronze Star. Tom has proven his dedication to protecting American ideals." He has certainly lived up to protecting American ideals. Tom Cotton won that primary by a margin over 20%. He then went on to decimate his Democratic opponent.

As a young Congressman, he quickly made a name for himself by voting again and again to limit the size of government, rid it of wasteful spending, and to get rid of Obamacare.

He then chose to take on a liberal incumbent U.S. Senator in the 2014 senate election. CVF decided to strongly support Congressman Cotton again. With your help, we were able to help ensure that a conservative was elected to the U.S. Senate from Arkansas

Senator Tom Cotton represents both the people of Arkansas and conservatives from throughout the country well in the U.S. Senate. We are proud to have helped in his campaigns for the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. Tom Cotton, a young man still in his 30s, is a leader for now and the future.

Posted April 23, 2015
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