Conservatives Challenge Obamacare Numbers

On Tuesday the White House had their Obamacare victory lap claiming they had reached 7.1 million enrollees. Obama exulted "the debate over repealing this law is over," and that Obamacare "is here to stay." Except that's not true.

Conservatives and all who care about the truth should ask is the 7.1 million number real? Or is it yet another Obama Administration misstatement of reality? Was it a number that they pulled from thin air so they could claim a small victory after all of their failures? How many enrollees have actually paid? How many people have seen their costs increase? How many people actually lost their coverage due to Obamacare? Finally, how many enrollees were previously uninsured?

But what is the case? The latest estimates predict that millions have lost or could lose their coverage. The Rand Corporation estimates that less than 25% of enrollees were previously uninsured. Supposedly Obamacare was going to solve the uninsured problem. Estimates ranged from 30 to 45 million Americans without health insurance. Obamacare is not actually taking care of that problem.

So there are still many unanswered questions. Maybe if we didn't have a less-than-honest administration we could actually find out what is really happening with this law. The answer is not Obamacare with its lies, misdirection, and government control but patient-centered reform that lets people make their own decisions about their lives.

Posted April 03, 2014
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