Conservative Victory Fund Endorses Ron DeSantis

The Conservative Victory Fund (CVF), the nation's oldest conservative campaign committee endorses Ron DeSantis for the U.S. House of Representatives in the newly drawn 6th District of Florida.

In Congress, Ron will fight for American exceptionalism in the Reagan tradition and will work to restore our conservative principles of a limited government:

-Ron believes in a truly limited government, one that serves its people rather than masters them. The strongest economy is one that is liberated from the burdens placed upon them by government.

-Ron believes in reversing Obama's big government policies and in electing more leaders who are faithful to the conservative principles in which our nation was founded.

-Ron believes that the best way to balance the budget is through spending cuts and by repealing onerous regulations that hamper the independent, American spirit.

Conservative Victory Fund is proud to endorse Ron DeSantis for Congress. The U.S. Congress needs more leaders who will fight for their constituents rather than for bigger government and bigger deficits.

The late conservative leader Congressman John Ashbrook founded Conservative Victory Fund (CVF) more than forty years ago. CVF works to elect a conservative majority to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Posted June 12, 2012
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